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Transforming Ideas into Reality: Empowering Businesses with JavaScript and TypeScript Excellence. Harness the Strength of Node.js, Fastify, Express, Next.js, NestJS, and React Frameworks for Unmatched Development. Seamlessly Blend Innovation with Cross-platform Prowess, Unleash Robust Performance, and Scale Effortlessly. Elevate Your Vision with Feature-Rich Solutions Crafted by Experts.

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Each passing day opens doors to a multitude of newer and more powerful technologies for human use. Each of these technologies possess features that one can utilise for different purposes, identifying which helps unleash maximum potential of the tool. The highly experienced technical team at Bluecast integrate the benefits of a wide array of web technologies to provide undisputedly the best mobility software solutions to all clients.


Web design and web development at Bluecast is an amalgamation of the most productive methodologies and tools available in the market today.

Agile development methodology enables Bluecast to incorporate requirements dynamically through a collaborative effort. Micro Service Based Architecture focuses on the power of simplicity and is representative of our mindset of breaking down your problem statement into fragments and utilising multiple Bluecast minds to come up with the best solution possible by reintegrating the fragments


DevOps combines software development with information technology operations reducing time required to deliver the solution. Security and efficiency is ensured using blockchain technology while Relational and NoSQL Databases aid in maintaining up to date and consistent records.

Testimonials from previous clients rightly reflect the level of positive impact that our software solutions and attitude towards work have brought about in their lives and we strive to push the bar higher and higher with each new project, deliver work with unparalleled sincerity in the fields of web development to achieve what is expected of us and more.

Experience and expertise go hand in hand and that is what Bluecast believes in. We provide exemplary web development services with tools like Microsoft ASP.NET, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, mySQL, microsoft sql server, Jira Software, Sharepoint, docker, git, Java.

Our technical team is adept in using the following tools:

We provide face-to-face security workshops at your business to cover how to mitigate cybersecurity issues and improve business performance.

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Bluecast Technologies is one of the leading enterprise mobile app development companies in Dubai and India. With great expertise in building bespoke apps for iOS and Android platforms, our top-notch app developers cater customer needs, efficiently. From startups to enterprise businesses, we let you transform your ideas into robust mobile applications

The competitive service offered by Bluecast technologies always exceed the expectations of our client, earning us their greater credence.

How mobile apps are impacting business landscapes?

Why Mobile Apps ?

Smartphones were revolutionary, so are mobile apps. The impact that mobile apps have on the business landscape is much bigger and drives almost half of the world’s population. The potential of mobile applications can be harnessed by businesses as it is an overwhelming opportunity to reach out to a larger population and earning the benefit of strong brand visibility and identity. 

Great mobile apps tend to be an invincible marketing tool for companies in promoting their products and services and targeting customers. It is a key pathway to create optimized user experiences, leading to better customer retention.

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We have a proven experience in the integration of Health Kit, interfacing and syncing fitness devices with mobile apps and creating awesome AR/VR experiences and incredible gaming features in mobile applications.

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Mobile Application Development

Elevate Your App Experience with Flutter: Where Innovation Meets Excellence! Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Bloc, Cubit, Hive, and SQLite, Backed by Our Proficient Developers. Seamless UI/UX, Blazing Performance, Ironclad Reliability – Transforming Ideas into Intuitive Mobile Marvels!.

Our expertise in mobile application development

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Bluecast owns an experienced and dedicated team of iOS and Android developers who acquire a vast technical acumen in mobile application development and a thorough acquaintance of tools related to the native iOS and Android app development. For Android App Development, we have skilled professionals who are comfortable with Java and Kotlin, and their iOS counterparts can effectively handle both Objective-C & Swift environments in their app development process. Bluecast also offers Hybrid app development, reducing the cost to a higher margin with its amazing feature of maintaining a single code base for both iOS and Android. We are having a sophisticated team for hybrid app development with technical expertise in React Native and Flutter.

Apps at a glance

We have been divulging our business interests and catering the needs of our customers from various segments ranging from Sports to Healthcare and from verticals like HCM systems and even e-commerce space.

Dubai Cycling:

Dubai Cycling is a social infotainment application developed for cycling enthusiasts in Dubai. It also helps them to record and share their cycling activities, set goals and track activities against them and collaborate with fellow cycling enthusiasts to form clubs. The app creates an immersive Virtual Reality gaming experience for cycling pedigrees and it can be integrated with wearables. It provides them with an exhaustive list of Cycling tracks in Dubai for their sprint with Indoor and Outdoor options.

Dubai Sports Council:

Dubai Sports Council – DSC  is the official application of Dubai Sports Council, which helps residents of Dubai to be informed about the important sporting events happening around Dubai. It also decimates information about all sports and fitness clubs in Dubai and helps you in finding  sporting locations of your favourite games and get updates about future events at the venue.

Primehealth ME:

Primehealth ME is a utility application catered to its patients by Prime HealthCare Group, one amongst the UAE’s leading healthcare providers. The app helps patients schedule appointments across the chain of hospitals offered by Prime Healthcare Group. It enables them to view their history of visits and can search through the profiles of groups’ doctors. It also has features like branch navigation, appointment reminders & vaccination schedule for children.

Alshamil Online:

Alshamil is a mobile channel for an e-commerce application where in sellers are allowed to post products ranging from cars to jewelry, electronics to fashion and more. It also facilitates users to rent/sell their property. The app also allows users to shop products with integration of Stripe payment ecosystem.

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