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E-commerce Framework Overview

A personalised E-commerce framework for every trader which fits everyone’s business requirements.

We, Bluecast Technologies, are proud to introduce our new ecommerce framework, that can be completely customised in and out based on the customer’s requirements and can be shipped in no time since it is built on top of a baseline framework.

The product can be seamlessly scaled up as an enterprise level solution(Refer: Marketplace, Multi seller & buyer features) besides supporting small traders (Refer: Single Seller App) who have pitched the idea of e-commerce solution in their minds for the prospects of expanding their businesses.

Our product opens up new opportunities to the traders who could make the best use of technology in this internet era. Also, it can be helpful to people who want to end up the cartel of marketplace giants by providing an alternative one to business people at a community level.

The product mainly consists of three user roles, namely Admin, Buyer & Seller. The product consists of three operation modes as below:

  1. Single seller App
  2. Market place
  3. Muti seller – Multi Buyer App – Default Mode



  • Both Buyer and Seller Applications have support for mobile versions(iOS & Android) apart from a web version while admin is supported through a web version .
  • Admin Application allows the user to customise the home screen with product highlights both in web and mobile app of buyer.
  • Seller Application consists of a lot of existing features like Stock Inventory Management, Brand Management & Order Management etc.,
  • Buyer Application is loaded with AI-Enabled Recommendation engines which lists product suggestions and products filtered based on order history of the particular item.
  • Admin can facilitate the seller on boarding by listing the mandatory features for a particular product & intelligent filtering options.

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. You’ve got the products, we’ve got the way to sell it. Our eCommerce platform has everything you need to sell, anywhere.

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