SurveySuit Overview

Surveys are incredibly effective for businesses in identifying the areas of friction in the customer experience both internally and externally by asking the right questions to the right set of audience. This will help them to improve their processes and it leads to higher growth rates and an increase in revenue compared to peer businesses that don’t have corrective feedback by means of surveys.


So we at Bluecast Technologies created SURVEYSUIT, is an AI enabled solution for enhancing customer experience, employee satisfaction indices as well as analyzing market intelligence.

It comes multi-channel flavours, such as :

1) a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms, 

2) Web Application

3) Third party plug-in/SDK is also available, which can be easily added on to your existing mobile application or website.

Through this you can take dynamic surveys, including voice feedbacks. The questionnaire can be set dynamically by an admin and survey results are shown in graphical visualization. The application provides survey results in an aesthetic visualization, which can be drilled down to individual responses. It also provides historical trend analysis, where organisations can analyze graphically how results have changed over time.

Various pre-built controls make it easy to create and collect surveys with a click of a few buttons. Using the Natural Language Process (NLP) feature, the application is capable of performing sentiment analysis and segregating feedbacks into Suggestions, Complaints and Accolades. 

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