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Blockchain technology is undoubtedly an ingenious invention that revolutionalized business transactions. Blockchains are unique and open distributed ledgers that are used to store the details of the transactions between two parties. It has made a highly secure gateway for payments.

Bluecast Technologies is the leading Blockchain Application Development Company that has excelled in offering customized Blockchain solutions and services for multi-cryptocurrency wallet development, smart contract development, and other blockchain development solutions. We develop a decentralized application using blockchain technology for our trusted clients.


Our Advanced and Innovative Blockchain Development Services

Bluecast Technologies is a leading Blockchain Services Company that strives to bring powerful blockchain technology to build innovative applications that meet your business requirements. With our comprehensive services, we help businesses to explore the unlimited possibilities of blockchain in this highly competitive business world. The services we offer are:


Our Blockchain Expertise

  • Smart Contract development using Solidity
  • ERC1155 Standard Smart Contract development
  • NFT Marketplace development with ERC-721 standard
  •  Implementing Decentralized storage using IPFS for storing NFT Metadata
  •  Mainnet deployment in major blockchain networks like Etherium, Polygon, Binance
  •  Multiple Blockchain wallet integration
  • Crypto Payment integration

Smart Contract Development using Solidity

Smart Contract development using Solidity involves writing code for contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Solidity, a contract-oriented language similar to JavaScript, is used for this purpose. These contracts automatically execute transactions when certain conditions are met.

ERC1155 Standard Smart Contract development

ERC1155 is a multi-token standard for Ethereum smart contracts. It allows a single contract to manage multiple token types, both fungible and non-fungible. This enhances efficiency by reducing duplication and gas costs. It also enables batch transfers and approvals, improving transaction efficiency.

NFT Marketplace development with ERC-721 standard

NFT Marketplace development with ERC-721 standard involves creating a platform for trading unique, non-fungible tokens. ERC-721, an Ethereum standard, ensures each token’s uniqueness and ownership, making it ideal for representing ownership of unique items like art or real estate in the digital world.

Implementing Decentralized storage using IPFS for storing NFT Metadata

Implementing decentralized storage using IPFS for storing NFT Metadata involves leveraging the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This system ensures data permanence and high availability. It’s ideal for storing NFT metadata, which includes details about the token’s properties, history, and ownership. This enhances the decentralization and reliability of NFTs.

Mainnet deployment in major blockchain networks like Etherium, Polygon, Binance

Mainnet deployment in major blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance involves launching a fully developed blockchain protocol live, where real transactions occur. It’s the final stage after rigorous testing phases. Each network has its own mainnet, like Ethereum’s EVM, Polygon’s PoS chain, and Binance Smart Chain, supporting various decentralized applications.

Multiple Blockchain wallet integration

Multiple Blockchain wallet integration involves enabling a single interface to interact with various blockchain networks. It simplifies managing different cryptocurrencies, enhancing user experience. This integration requires understanding each blockchain’s unique protocols and ensuring secure transactions. It’s a crucial feature for platforms dealing with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Payment integration

Crypto Payment integration involves incorporating cryptocurrency transactions into a platform. It allows users to make payments using various cryptocurrencies, enhancing flexibility and inclusivity. This integration requires understanding of blockchain technology, secure transaction protocols, and specific APIs of each cryptocurrency. It’s a key feature for platforms operating in the crypto space.

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Our Success STORIES

Our Success STORIES

Screenshot 2023-09-12 100907

A secure and transparent online art marketplace leveraging Blockchain and NFC technologies.

Customer :

Founded in 2019 in Singapore, by a group of Technology & Finance specialists with a profound passion for art.

Problem resolved :

  •  Lack of transparency in the art market,
  • forgery,
  • copyright infringement,
  • untraceable provenance, and
  • overdue royalties.

Blockchain Technology used :

  • Etherium ERC-721 NFT standard, IPFS File system, Polygon Network

RTISTIQ – Key features

  •  RtistiQ is the first online art marketplace leveraging Blockchain and NFC
  • It is also the first Art app with AR feature enabled for both IOS and Android users,
    making online art purchases more reliable, bringing users the most authentic
    viewing experience.
  • Every artist selling their art through RtistiQ has a unique blockchain account under
    which all his artworks are registered and digitally signed.
  • Additionally, all the changes in ownership are recorded under the same blockchain
  • The RtistiQ App is also NFC enabled, allowing Artists to add an extra layer of
    authenticity to their original works of art, which is scannable by the buyers to
    validate on receipt of the artwork.
  • Supports NFT for digital arts

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