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AI is a domain that has overwhelmed the world in every aspect with its vast potential and possibilities over the past few years. The on-going research and innovations in this domain are exponential and hard to keep up with. This phase of Artificial Intelligence makes it essential to rely on skilled professionals with better insight and experience in the field and this is exactly what we, at Bluecast, provide.

We are a team of early-bird AI enthusiasts who keep up with changing times and technology advancements. With us, one doesn’t need to be mindful of anything as we thrive to provide you the best of AI to solve your problems.

One such example is one of our products, which is a sophisticated version of a Recommendation Engine tool that would prove to be competitive to the ones provided by tech giants and can be incorporated in your websites for better customer experience. It can also be used as a standalone product for targeting customers for promotion and marketing.

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Natural Language Processing has been one of the key technology strengths in which Bluecast can outshine its competitors. We have integrated NLP into one of our products called Survey Suit, which is an online survey tool targeted for enterprise-level customers. We have a team of NLP experts currently working on an application that helps users to learn to recite the Holy Quran following Tajweed rules. The app uses Machine Learning(ML) techniques to develop an Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) system to check the proper application of Tajweed rules based on the audio recordings of the user. It also provides personalized feedback based on the user’s recitation and highlights the errors made by the user.


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On the contrary, Big Data and Analytics are employed by businesses to ensure that high volume data are used effectively to offer the benefits of cost-effectiveness and usage of minimal time for data analysis by avoiding certain data overheads. It is also used to extract customer preferences and market trends and use them to the benefit of the customers’ business. In the wireless era filled with tech-savvy people, sentiment analysis is leveraged to understand the consumer intuitively and capture their thoughts about the product/services that they use.

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This allows Bluecast to add value to the customers’ business with the data insights obtained through Big Data and Analytics and evolve as their strategic partner over a long time. We have worked through some use cases as part of our own cybersecurity product BlueVIGIL, that requires commendable knowledge of Big Data tools like Apache Spark, Hadoop, Apache Hbase and Hive. Moreover, we had gone into the foray of Streaming Analytics to collect real-time data from system logs and monitor the unusual activities in the course of developing our security product.

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