Long Term Agreement Signed with SunTech Business Solutions, Dubai

26 Mar 2019

We, at Bluecast, cheerfully announce the graceful occasion of signing long term client association pact with Suntech Business Solutions,Dubai,United Arab Emirates for hosting and  managing their ERP Solutions.


Bluecast has a longstanding tradition of carrying out infrastructure business by means of providing managed services and server infrastructure maintenance to various clients across the globe and this pact is reiterating our deep-rooted technical expertise and an archetype of how we deliver the best to our customers and make their businesses prosper.


Bluecast Infrastructure team have received several appreciations from the clients at various occasions.To elaborate, one such occasion was that the client teams were pondering for few months over a solution for a problem in their printing services across the managed servers. Our team had suggested a solution which not only perfected in-par with their needs but also have reduced latency across their servers.


One another occasion was that our team was able to rescue the crashed servers of particular client due to some unforeseen reasons which were not in our business scope and could effectively safeguard their data. The client team was so thankful of that kind gesture and it was the epitome of our commitment to their business.


Bluecast provides managed services for your cloud environments in platforms like AWS,Azure and GCP. Also, Bluecast has been a pioneer in cloud computing services like 

  • ADP (Application Delivery Platform)
  • Data Security & Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Managing Critical Mission Servers and Web & Email Hosting Support 


Want to know more about the infrastructure capabilities of Bluecast. Here is the dedicated account of our infrastructure team !!!!