Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has entrusted yet another responsibility on Bluecast

10 Jul 2020

Technologies to boost the spirits of citizens during the COVID pandemic. The official mobile app of DSC, which Bluecast has been maintaining since 2017, has been enhanced to facilitate PocariSweat 5K/10K Home Run marathon conducted by the Dubai Sports Council for the ardent marathon runners. The app supported both Indoor as well as Outdoor running. The PocariSweat Run saw hundreds of enthusiasts from all around the world and from every realm of age and ability participating in the marathon.


The official mobile app on iOS and Android Platforms, redesigned and developed by Bluecast  played a fundamental role in the marathon. The participants could easily register for the marathon with a click of the button through the app. The app kept track of the participants all through the course of their marathon, displaying live distance, time, calorie, goals and live leaderboards. There were 4 categories in the leaderboard – Male 5K, Male10K, Female 5K & Female 10K.  Besides the on-the-go features during the marathon, the app additionally provided options to practice before the race and image-based challenge tutorial to educate runners about the challenge rules.


The Dubai Sports Council has been the official sports administration wing of the Dubai Government since 2005. It was tasked with the aim to develop sports in Dubai. Since its inception, Dubai Sports Council has taken up numerous undertakings to propel Dubai as the focal point for world-renowned athletic ventures.

Bluecast Technologies’ skilful team developed the official mobile app for the Dubai Sports Council, thereby enabling them to embrace the mobile-using community. It provided a far-reaching audience for the Sports Council. Through the app, common citizens and sports aficionados alike could keep track of the latest updates from the government. The app provides several m-Services which helps business users to avail the services offered by Dubai Sports Council, like Club Registration, Fitness Center Registration, etc.


The responsibility of developing this robust app, that would become the face of the Sports Council, was granted to Bluecast Technologies because of their consistent excellence in the field of technology. Bluecast Technologies has seen continued success stories in creating world-class technologies and has a proven track record in translating the customer’s needs into the right platform.


There are many enhancements to the DSC mobile app in the pipeline. Bluecast is keenly looking  to offer the Dubai Citizen the best in class experience.