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The advent of e-commerce websites

Come Covid, and Business Models across the world have been changing at a faster pace than ever before. With limited mobility, e-commerce and online transactions have gained wider acceptance. Innovations in customer experience and connected devices at customers’ fingertips is revolutionizing the way the business was carried out before.

Is your business ready to embrace this change? Do you have the right channels to get your customers hooked and sustained? Do you have the right tools to analyse and make better decisions?

Barroa, a flexible e-Commerce application framework, is the solution for you to equip your business FUTURE-READY.

Barroa: Best platform for ecommerce website development

Bluecast Technologies leverages the vast online audience and the other favourable benefits of having a digital platform for your business, to the retailer’s benefit through their e-commerce website development platform, Barroa.  Barroa is the culmination of Bluecast Technologies’ years-long expertise in Web Technologies, Cybersecurity, AI and Analytics and Enterprise Apps.

Bluecast Technologies manifested Barroa — the e-commerce website and app development platform, with the sole purpose of serving the needs of  business owners. Be it a traditional B2C business or a B2B business, Barroa can convert your business goals into an impeccable digital platform, replete with secure payment gateway and improved delivery tracking systems.

Barroa is adept at creating a market-ready e-commerce platform for Web, iOS and Android. The comprehensive front-side with its intuitive UI is complemented with an easy-to-use admin and seller screens. The nifty features are compact and user-friendly.

The easily customisable websites and apps created by Barroa are security tested. Furthermore, SEO friendliness is not a disregardable factor in this highly competitive world rushing for the first position in SERPs. Barroa’s websites are SEO friendly. You can also incorporate third-party party APIs to enhance the functionalities of your website.

Barroa already has the likes of Abu Dhabi Tyres, rtistIQ, Alshamil Online, etc. using this adaptable platform in expanding their business prospects online.

Bluecast technologies is not limited to being just an e-commerce website development company. To enhance further shopping experience, Bluecast Technologies complements e-commerce websites with e-commerce app development as well. Barroa can thus tackle the need for a mobile app for your e-commerce website. With mobile usage being prevalent all over the world, mobile apps could further explore your retailing opportunities.

 If you are a business owner or a retailer looking to profit from an online business, read on.

How e-commerce websites and apps can help you create a successful business?

If you are a small business owner, you can easily save on the operational costs of renting out a store, electricity, administration, etc. Setting up an online e-commerce website would only take a few initial investments. From there on, you can automate everything and manage your business easily.

Your physical store would only attract customers living in nearby locations, whereas an online store can expose you to literally anyone with an internet. You can scale up by tapping into the global market. Arming yourself with social media marketing and pay-per-click advertisements can bring in more traffic that an otherwise physical store can never do.

Through an e-commerce website, you can collect, analyse and understand your business performance. It will give you a higher clarity on the areas in which your business is lacking. You can focus on those areas and improve your performance.

Your shop is virtually open 24×7. There are no limitations on your work timings. This reduces inhibitions on your business and can further increase your cash inflow.

 A lot many of us have been lured into the “Customers also bought” and “More items in this category” sections of famous shopping sites. A well-designed website can keep your customers shopping with AI-generated “similar products” sections. Such suggestions can pique your customers’ interests leading to more sales.

Ecommerce App Development Is Essential For Your Success.

Compared to a website, mobile phone apps have a distinct feature that helps sellers  connect more with their customers — push notifications. With people spending an average of 2 hours on their phones every day, push notifications can help keep your customers engaged with your app.

You can take advantage of the inbuilt features of the phone such as location settings, etc. to better access customer’s habits. This will give a deeper understanding of your customer’s spending patterns. You can then target special offers and discounts to selected, regular customers.

Sharing through Social Medias is easier while using an app; it is just a touch away. More shares bring in more traffic and exposure, and eventually more customers.

Since you can switch between your app and the payment app, payment hassles are reduced to a bare minimum. It’s easier, faster and simpler.

What features make Barroa the ideal choice for e-commerce website and app development?

For the buyers

  • Easily sign up through social media or email.
  • If you are signing in via e-mail then email verification is required for added security.
  • Phone number verification via OTP to prevent misuse.
  • Effortlessly find your product through the categorised divisions and filter options.
  • Wishlist items you want to buy in the future or directly add to the cart to check out.
  • Zoom in on your product images and get to know user ratings and feedback.
  • Share your products with your friends over Social Media.
  • Efficient checkout process with secure payment gateways.
  • Get notified via SMS when the order has been placed with the tracking number.

For the Sellers

  • Sellers can get a thorough idea of today’s or any other previous day's orders and their status.
  • Notification will be sent to the seller when a new order has been placed and when any buyer leaves feedback on your products.
  • You can generate an order report for any selected date range.

For the Admins

  • Admin also has all the functionalities available to the seller.
  • Admin has the power to add, reject or block any seller.
  • You can pull out the analytics on customers, sellers, products and orders.

All the above facilities also get translated into your mobile apps as well.

To sum-up

E-commerce platforms have been steadily enjoying the interest of customers in the past few years. It has now been exacerbated with the sudden onset of COVID-19 where social distancing and contactless ways of living have become the new norm. It is estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce platforms and about 30% of people will return to the website they have previously purchased from.

 The wide assortment of choices, the comfort of shopping from home and the ease of access are one of the stellar points that make e-commerce a favourite among customers. The ability to analyse data and improve the business; better outreach and affordable marketing options make e-commerce an equally appealing option to sellers as well.

To adapt to this fast-changing world, sellers can harness the capability of Barroa.

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